About Terry Paton, games and development
You can contact me at terry [at] terrypaton.com or on twitter – @terrypaton1

Terry Paton is a passionate Flash game developer who first started coding at the age of 11 on the ZX Spectrum.

About 7 years ago he set himself the goal to make 100 games for gamers to play online. In late 2010, he achieved his goal and did a little dance of joy 🙂

Terry has run the popular gaming portal, terrypaton.com since 2004, where he hosts his own Flash games, along with other games he likes.

Now, Terry Paton’s games are available online through terrypaton.com and other game portals, can be downloaded to Android mobile devices through the Android Marketplace, and they can be downloaded to desktops through Adobe’s AIR Marketplace as well as via Intel’s AppUp store.


In 2010, he launched pixelpaton.com, where he publishes the process of making games, resources for game developers, along with photography, art, sketches and news.

As well as sketching, painting and drawing, making music, playing games and jogging regularly, Terry tweets a lot. Developers can follow him @terrypaton1 for games dev stuff and players can follow @terrypatongames to keep on top of his game release info.

Working history

Terry started work in 1995 as a pre-press Mac operator. In his spare time he mucked around with Flash and in 2003 he made the switch, changing careers to become a Flash developer.

Since 2009 Terry has spent most of this working time making his own game which attract sponsorships, licensing and occasionally doing contract work.
He has worked for companies including: Creata, The White Agency & Soap Creative and also spent a lot of time consulting.

More information

To view and play Terry’s games, visit terrypaton.com
To check out resources for developers, read Terry’s blog and other cool stuff visit pixelpaton.com
Play Breakit 4, Terry’s 100th game at playbreakit.com
Visit the Terry Paton Games YouTube channel at http://www.youtube.com/user/terrypatongames
Follow Terry’s developer tweets – http://twitter.com/#!/terrypaton1
If your a gamer, follow his game release tweets – http://twitter.com/terrypatongames
Facebook updates are available here: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Terry-Paton-Games



About terrypaton1

Unity3D developer :)

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  1. i appreciate your work and i’m totally supporting you … wish you the best

    and wanna ask you if u want i cant helps you with your work ,, so that we can be friends …

    i know i’m to young but wanna help and improve my skills So i Can Work with Photoshop and

    illustrator and InDesign … if i can do any thing to and it’s for free but don’t depend on me so

    well because i don’t have the right PC to work on .. Consider me as a backup for your design

    😛 And i’m pleased to speak to you thanks and best regards … !

  2. Priyesha Dani

    I would like to inform you about Wireless industry Partnership’s event, The Intel Appup in London. The event will be touching on Meego, the Open Source operating system for IPTV STB, netbook, tablets and mobile phones such as the last Nokia N9 announced recently. It will also cover Appup, the Intel appstore for PC / Netbooks and the opportunities it offers for applications developers to reach the UK masses as it comes built-in multiple PCs sold by Currys and PC World.
    Since you are a game developer I thought this might be of interest to you. Please feel free to ask me any questions. For more information and topics covered have a look at


    Priyesha Dani
    Intern at WIP

  3. Love playing the Breake it 2, but is there any way I can switch off the sound?

  4. Hi Terry,

    I am looking for someone to develop a basketball shooting game for a new basketball League I am starting later in the year? Is this something like you do or can you point me in the right direction?

    David Richards

    • terrypaton1

      Hi there, sorry for the delay. Unfortunately I’m not available at the moment. I don’t have any direct leads to point you at either, sorry!

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