Looking for help with a game?

-UPDATE- Unfortunately I can longer offer support for my Flash based browser games. Unfortunately if you run into any problems with high scores not working, or errors happening, it isn’t going to get fixed. Sorry!

If you’re having trouble with any of my games, please leave a comment on this post. The comments won’t immediately become publicly viewable, but I will get them. Thanks!


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72 responses to “Looking for help with a game?

  1. Tim Gonsalves

    Just downloaded Breakit 4 1.51 on my Playbook, it seems to be freezing up after you defeat a stage (fades to the grayscale brick screen, stops). Your progress is saved, so you don’t lose anything and can just quit and reload the game and play the next level, but a bit of a pain. Otherwise a great update!

    Feature request: Can you add some empty space below the paddle, so the paddle isn’t covered completely with your finger as you swipe?

  2. Corey Griffin

    Good call with the site. Im going to miss the old one. I always loved your games, I still play them all on newgrounds. You should stillput your games on your site though, if not other peoples. After removing all the games there is unfortunately very little reason to visit your site at all. Keep up the good work, keep doing what you do best and I hope to see even more awesome games from you.

  3. Still on bo 1 . Any hints on how to get a good score on level 13 ? I am only getting 500 , if any . Thanks . Barry .

    • terrypaton1

      Hey ya Barry, sorry I’ve been really busy for a while.
      Do you mean lvl 13 of Breakit? And I’m not sure what ‘Still on bo 1’ means.

  4. Tom

    Where can you find the games

  5. Bill

    Hi Terry, I’m enjoying Pogz on my Playbook, but ran into a minor problem…

    (Yes, the ball is stuck.)

  6. Jill

    I have tried to download your klindke solitaire game that I have played in the past but down I can’t get it to come-up. I thought this program was free.

  7. Lynn

    Hi. Downloaded Solitare 3 for new IPAD and love it. However , have trouble with it freezing when you have won game of I quit and resume later. Same pg. is on screen but frozen. Sometimes a black screen comes up when trying to open app too. Has there been a problem? Also my husband wants to know how to change back to an easier level. Thanks!

    • terrypaton1

      Hi there Lynn, thanks for the message. I’ll look into the freezing bug you mention and see what I can find.
      In regards to making the game ‘easier’, it doesn’t actually get harder so I’m not sure I can help there. I prefer to play with Single draw, rather than draw three as I find it MUCH easier, but that’s about all I can recommend.


  8. I’d like to embed some of your games on my website, particularly the Bowling game. Is that possible?

  9. Kayla

    Downloaded Treasure caves 2 and I can’t seem to pass lvl 25….how is it possible???

  10. maria olivares

    Terry, the sound for meteor storm, sweet roullete and solitaire is gone. Please fix immediately. I
    Want to play the game. Thank you.

  11. anthony fisher

    need more games for gallaxy phones

  12. Leslie

    I love Tresure Caves 2 and would really like to finish the game, however I can not get past level 86. I have tried everything. Is there a solution or. A way to skip this level to get to the next one?

    • Leslie

      Sorry forgot to mention I am playing on an apple ipad

      • terrypaton1

        Hi there, unfortunately there’s no way to skip it. It’s been a long time since I made the game but I’m certain this level is able to be passed as people have done so before.

      • Leslie


        Quests I was
        Poking for some kind of hint to getting past this level. Are there any hints to help me past this and finish the game?

      • Kayla

        Me neither Leslie, I’v e tried everything to pass it myself……a stick of dynamite might help blow that little blue thing up.

  13. Hey– no trouble w/ any games– just wanted to mention that i was looking for more info on “Flipit” on the Intel AppUp site ( which is a reat game by the way ) && didn’t see any info here at all ( ?? ). No need to post this in public or anything– just mentioning && kind regards, mark-p.


    hey terry love playing solitire on youre site. heres my prob under jh1 i have 623 wins when i just started to play this evening and won a game it said ti enter new namw which i did but only 1 win appeared, i want to continue on the 623-it now should be 624 how can i fix this prob thanks again jh1 USA.

    • terrypaton1

      Hi there John, most of my games use a simple saving system which can unfortunately be reset occasionally. It does depend on the situation, but typically you might find the score starts from 1 again. Sorry about that, sadly an affordable long term score storing wasn’t around when I developed this game.

      • mj.

        Hi, I have a similar problem as John has when it comes to saving the scores: sometimes they’re saved for the next session but sometmes aren’t. I have been playing the solitaire for over 3 months now and no way to keep the score, I’m still 0 when I should have more tan 400! Check tiep, he’s got 6466. Is there anything I can do to join the challenge and keep my score? This is mj. from Spain. Thanks!

      • carmen

        I have the same problem as mj I have over 2000 points why is it I was on the leader board and now I am no where to be found I go under the name Caramello Start Again from Australia

  15. xx

    it always shows my last score.other ppl.score like 17.000 .do i have to register to cumuliate my scores or how ca i get score like higher.i play this game many times.still i dont get leaderboard how to get my all scores added.

  16. Alicia

    On treasure caves 2, I can not figure out how to get past the blobs on level 86. If you have any recommendations I would greatly appreciate it. I am playing on an Android phone.

  17. Alex

    Plz help level 25 treasure caves2 for android

    Alex from Denmark

  18. Alex

    Plz help Treasure Caves 2 level 25 for android

    Alex from Denmark

  19. xx

    why my winnings are not added everytime same winning score.winnings are not adding up.what could be the reason?anyone ?

  20. xx

    solitaire 2 .thank again.

  21. bill harris


  22. Ed Gardner

    I have the solitaire game on my Nook Tablet. Runs OK but I cannot find an exit or end button to leave the game. Ed

    • terrypaton1

      Hi there, sorry is this version 2 or version 4 you’re referring to? I’ll make sure there’s a quit button in the next update I do for Solitaire 4.

  23. Joshua

    Hi. I was wondering if you could send me an email. I would like to talk to you about something. My mates and I had an idea for our school assignment, and we were wondering if you could give us a hand.

  24. Hi Terry, I’ve been asked to make a snowboarding and as I’m a novice at Flash game making, I’ve been searching around for a Fla source to re-skin. I found your snowboarding game and really would love to know if you had any basic working source Fla, for me to learn with. I’d really appriciate it and could send you a few pounds/dollars for any help?

  25. Laur

    Hi! For some reason pogz2 won’t let me past level 16. I can play 16 and then when I move on to 17 it takes me back to a prompt screen. I like the game so far but this is a little disappointing…

    • terrypaton1

      Hi there, sorry about that. I’ve literally just submitted an update to fix that. It may take a week for Apple to approve, Google play has been submitted and the Nook will come shortly. Sorry for the bug!

  26. Raquel Saavedra

    Me gusta mucho Treasure Cave 2, y juego hasta alcanzar nivel 15 o mas, pero cuando vuelvo a intentar al dia siguiente aparece cerrado y siempre marca el nivel 2, como hago para que queden abiertos los candados en los niveles que ya gané.? Yo uso PC.

  27. Benedicta

    I recently purchased breakit2 game. But. Everytime I leave my game and go back to play it onnce again it wiped out all my recent game play on it. I would hav to start all over from one. Please refund my purchased price. Thank you. Sincerely. Ms. Benedicta Lefever. Benedictalefever650@gmail.com

  28. Etienne Martens

    don’t can enter my score in solitaire 3 anymore : score undefined !!!

    • terrypaton1

      Hi there, yeah sorry something seems to have gone wrong with a few (or a lot) of the games on my site. I’m no longer actively supporting these games … I make little money from the advertising so I have to concentrate on paying client work instead.

      I’ll add it to my todo list, but I can’t guarantee I’ll be able to get to it. Again, sorry … but it is free.

  29. Sandra Lawson

    You tell me there are games and I have not found a game yet. Whats the deal?

  30. carmen

    Why are my scores not showing on the leader board for on line solitaire
    caramelo start again Australia

  31. carmen

    Why is my name not on the leader board anymore it was always there before on the online solitare game
    known as caramello start again from Australia

  32. carmen

    Why is it that when you enter your score the leader board does not come anymore and when you go and look up high scores it either shows that I havent played in several days yet I play every day and then at other times you go in to high scores I am not there whats going on I love knowing where I am on the score board and checking to see who I need to beat I miss the score board On Line Solitiare

    • carmen

      I am still not on the leader board on the On line Solitaire why is that I would much appricate it if you could let me know I go by the name Caramello start again from Australia

      • terrypaton1

        Hi there Carmen, sorry but I am no longer supporting my online Flash games. I’ve finally gotten around to updating this post stating so too.

  33. Dear Mr. Paton:

    Thank you for your online games.

    I play SOLITAIRE 2.

    Is there any RAPID CLOSE after one has unturned all the cards?

    I consistently score about 1700, but cannot get up to the “Silver Medal”, 2000, score, possibly because it takes me so long to — after I have won the game but unturning all the hidden cards on the Solitaire board — play out the deck onto the stacks.

    One online Solitaire game I play allowed a “right click” function to do a RAPID CLOSE and play the overturned cards onto their stacks.


    Jackson Holmes

  34. Hi Terry, I urgently need to chat with you about one of your older games Plumber 1 (with leaderboard). I would like to either purchase limited use of the source code to make minor edits i.e. add a goodbye page about water management and then host on an internal site or get a quote from you to make the edit and then provide the published files for hosting.

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