Where are all the Flash games?!

Due to repeated problems with hosting and the maintenance of running a Flash gaming portal I have moved all games to another website. My online Flash games can now over at http://mrtobi.com/


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Unity3D developer :)

12 responses to “Where are all the Flash games?!

  1. I think this is a great move. There are so many big players in the gaming portal space that it makes sense to leave it to them and focus on making great games. I feel like the cost of maintaining a portal these days is far greater than the benefits of having it unless you are willing to commit to it full time.

  2. Abbi

    I would like to see the points of other players, that was part of the fun!
    So please make it possible to submit our score.

  3. Thomas Spencer

    Hi Terry,
    Glad to see this was a planned op and not a hard crash, like before. I’ll continue to follow on, you just keep doing what you do. Good on ya, mate!


  4. tyro496

    ok, you provide great entertainment, best wishes

  5. varun anand

    where i can found street fighter game . i really liked that game and i was regular visiter of this site.

  6. lulu

    i would like to see the results of the other players! and miss the submitting of the score, is it possible to create that?

    • terrypaton1

      Hi ya, sorry at the moment I have to cut back a lot of the functionality of this website. Some games do support global score boards, but unfortunately i won’t be adding any extra functionality at this stage.

  7. Hello Terry,

    I have a flash game you created called Plumber.
    It states on the bottom of the opening screen that it is free.
    I am wondering if I may use it on our web site?
    If so, I was also wondering about the build file for it and removing the timer portion of the game.
    I do not have Adobe Flash, but use SwishMax.

  8. kid

    Hi~There have some problems in Solitaire 3
    If you have same number cards in finish area (first card next to the second card)
    Mouse drag between the two cards and drag back to the next number card, they will stack together

    Sorry, I have poor English

  9. This particular posting, “Where are all the Flash games?
    ! Terry Paton” ended up being fantastic.
    I’m creating out a reproduce to present to my buddies.
    Thanks for the post-Audrey

  10. I am sorry that the site had to move. Thank you for all your efforts!

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