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Looking for help with a game?

-UPDATE- Unfortunately I can longer offer support for my Flash based browser games. Unfortunately if you run into any problems with high scores not working, or errors happening, it isn’t going to get fixed. Sorry!

If you’re having trouble with any of my games, please leave a comment on this post. The comments won’t immediately become publicly viewable, but I will get them. Thanks!

Where are all the Flash games?!

Due to repeated problems with hosting and the maintenance of running a Flash gaming portal I have moved all games to another website. My online Flash games can now over at http://mrtobi.com/

Games on the Nook

My games on the Barnes and Noble Nook store! (A few have been released through the  publisher ‘Difference Games’)


iPhone/iPad Games

UPDATE: Sorry, I no longer have my games published for iOS. 

Android games

Games I’ve made for your Android phone or Tablet!

Pogz2_IconMeteorstorm minefield POGZ Solitaire 2 Treasure Caves 2 boing boing santa puzzpix breakit 4 escape flipit jacks mazeball

Check out my list of game here in the Google Android Market!

Awesome games

I’ll add to this list as I come across great games I’d like to share.

Silly Sausage – http://www.nitrome.com/games/sillysausage/

Office Traphttp://www.nitrome.com/games/officetrap/index.html

Biogems – http://www.mochigames.com/game/biogems/

Kingdom Rush – Awesome Tower Defence game – http://armorgames.com/play/12141/kingdom-rush